Barely 18, mic in hand.
Kyle began life as an “any man” with an average Australian childhood and dreams of perhaps one day becoming a professional athlete or singer.

With adolescence came the more adult temptations in life and Kyle gravitated toward weed after discovering it at age 13.
He would go on to use the drug as an escape and self prescribed medication for various underlying mental health issues.

It was these lifestyle choices and forks in the road that shaped his teen years.

Kyle dropped out of school in year 9, things at home fell apart and before long he was living in a refuge.
By the time he celebrated his 18th birthday he was calling his best mates shed home.

Yes the journey of the past five years has been a hard road for Kyle but not every step he’s taken has been so hard.

At age 14, a year after he discovered weed he discovered Hip Hop and those around him discovered just how easily the written and freestyle rhymes came to the kid.

By the age of 16 his mates were urging Kyle to take his rhymes seriously and HE DID.

What he lacked in resources he made up for with hunger and drive relentlessly honing his craft writing and freestyling tracks right out of the shed.

Broke and without access to studio gear Kyle turned to his iphone and the popular music website soundcloud to share his voice but after 8 or 9 songs and a few hundred plays he realised that building a career in music would take something more than just sheer will.

With that he took a shot in the dark and contacted Big Dave founder of a label he’d heard much about – KP Records.

With the message he attached a 2 minute video he recorded of himself spitting bars live right there over a beat.

Some things are meant to be and it just so happened that the guys at KP had been closely watching the Canberra scene, looking for their next signing.

Several names kept popping up but one that they were yet to hear was Kyle Wilkins.

That was until they received that little Facebook video message and weeks later Kyle was in the studio and on location recording his first official KP track and music video “Never Gonna Stop”.

The music video quickly racked up 2,500 views.

Having become a Christian in 2014 the EP paired his new found outlook on life and the tale of his journey with his skill and natural talent as an MC.

It also featured an amazing surprise rnb chorus on track 2 “You My Son” and a music video for track 3 “Never Lost Once”.


From his garage in Canberra to the studio and to the stage Kyle Wilkins is the first of the new generation of KP artists.

A young hungry breed ready to build on the legacy laid down since 2007.

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