Kyle Wilkins speaks about his new EP

Basically The Fight For Christ is an outline of my walk with God.
I’ve had my ups and downs, but never have I been disappointed, God has always provided for me and he continues to provide to this very day.

I became a Christian in 2014 after having a bad life experience and with God I found peace and happiness, a peace and happiness that comes when you accept Christ.
I wrote this EP in an attempt for people through it to find God and have a connection.

For Good ft Kitty B outlines briefly where I was and where God is taking me now, as well as highlighting what God has done and can do, not only in my life but in yours.

You My Son is a cheerful song that is describing how I feel about God and a time when I heard his voice that said quote “You My Son”.

Never Lost Once is a song that is for non believers to listen to and have a short outline of what God has done for them as well as pointing out how I feel now as a Christian and decoding the patterns of life that bring peace. (See video below)

And finally I’ve Got The Lord With Me, pretty much speaks for it’s self. It’s a pump up song that explains what God has done and how good he is and that you should praise him with all your heart.

I put a lot of effort into the EP, but with God I had fun doing it and got a lot out of it.
I feel like God is really speaking through me in the songs and I’m hoping that people will come to know God through this EP. Although I can’t take all the , much so Belongs to God as well as David Parsons “Big Dave” who has put a lot into the EP and has worked very hard on it’s release.

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped and participated in the mixing and mastering and promotion of the tape, and I hope that many will find God through listening.

Stay tuned as there’s a lot more to come, and the Fight For Christ was only the beginning.

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