Dlinkwnt MAKE IT SO (EP) out now!

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8 piece ensemble Dlinkwnt have built a strong live presence and cult fanbase on a niche sound steeped in jazz and funk with just a touch of hip hop for good measure.
Over the past 18 months they have developed their niche sound and an equally unique stage show to go with it showing just how far they’ve come with a recent victory at the University Of Wollongong Band contest.

From humble beginnings Dlinwknt have grown to be an in demand live act headlining shows and performing at festivals and events across NSW and the ACT.

For those that are yet to catch them live or for those that can’t get enough of that energetic Dlinkwnt sound the band have captured that sound and energy on their debut studio EP “Make It So”.

The presence and vivid lyrics of lead vocalist Nic backed by enchanting harmonies over brass, keys and bass combine for a 6 track release that is sure to wet the appetites of music fans looking for something different or Dlinkwnt fans that know exactly what they came for.

CLICK HERE to purchase “Make It So” from iTunes
CLICK HERE to order “Make It So” on CD.

For a sample of the EP check out the first single “Over And Out” in the player below.
(You can purchase “Over And Out” on iTunes now CLICK HERE)

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